Change landing page after login in Radzen Blazor Studio

Change landing page after login in Radzen Blazor Studio

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In Radzen Blazor Studio it is possible to change the default login page after you sign in with a user. Learn here how to do it.

30-01-2023 |

Radzen Blazor Studio

By default in Radzen Blazor Studio you get to the url that you try to access after you login. So an example would be that you try to enter the page, but you dont have access to this site. So you get redirected to the login page. When you then login it remembered what page that you was trying to login to by saving it as a redirectURL parameter in the url.

If you want to change the default landing page so the user hit that one site no matter what they tried before, you have to change the redirectUrl variable inside the Login.razor.cs file

So in this example i change it to always hit the "materials" page on my site when they login:

In the top of this article you can click the link going to a YouTube video that will explain it also.

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