Fix "Aria recovery failed" in MySQL when using XAMPP

Fix "Aria recovery failed" in MySQL when using XAMPP

This solution should also work if you don't use XAMPP, however I will show you how to fix it in XAMPP in this article.

18-03-2023 |


So this error was a pain to get through, especially if you are not an expert in solving XAMPP issues and also if you have never heard about the Aria storage engine in MySQL. However don't fear it anymore I will show you how to fix this issue in a simple way!

This is the error i get:

We need to fix this over 2 steps.

Step 1 - Delete aria_log files

First stop the Apache server and go to this path in your File Explorer:

In here you want to delete the following files if you see them:

  • aria_log.00000001
  • aria_log_control

Step 2 - Run repair script

So to repair/check the aria storage engine you need to execute/run the aria_chk.exe file and run it against the mysql folder that contains .MAI files.

To do that, use the following command to navigate to the bin folder:

When you are in the bin folder, run this command to execute the repair/check file:

You should now be able to start the apache server and also to run MySQL.

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